New AC System | Replacement AC System

A Variable Speed System* Might Suit You Very Well.  Of Course, We Do Have Other Options.

“I’ll take a dozen apples, a pound of fresh green beans, two water melons, and a new variable central air conditioner.”

Ah, if only life – and improved home comfort – were that simple.  But it can be ALMOST that simple when you choose Eagle Service Company to design and install your new home air conditioning system.

Before we talk to you about which type of new or replacement system might be best for your home, we first need to talk about your home itself and your family’s home comfort needs.

  • We need to know, for example, if any member of your family has a health issue that needs to be addressed.
  • We need to inspect your ductwork for signs of cracks and leaks and to see if it’s properly sized.
  • Do you need a system for your whole house or are you looking for the best way to cool a new addition?
  • And so on.

Ductless Air System | Heat Pump System

There’s a lot that goes into AC system design, and Eagle Service Company gets into all of it.  Only then can we offer you confident recommendations, and you shouldn’t settle for anything else.

For a new central air, ductless air, or heat pump system, count on Eagle Service Company to deliver on all counts:  great quality system, outstanding design and installation, timely completion, and our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

*Oh, and as for the variable speed option?  It’s a two-speed system that conserves energy by eliminating the kind of constant on and off action you get with a one-speed system.

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