Clogged Drain | Clogged Sewer

Sewer & Drain Clogs, Be Gone!

Have you ever talked to a clogged sink or drain, practically begging the clog to simply vanish?  Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone. But we do have something to tell you:  talk to us instead.  Because we’re the ones who can make the problem disappear, no matter how stubborn the clog might be.

Here at Eagle Service Company, yes, we have our plungers and snakes.  But just like you already know, they aren’t always up to the task. Which is why we have all the other tools, so you won’t have to call anyone else to pick up where we left off.  You see, we don’t “leave off” until the problem is fixed.

Drain Cleaning | Sewer Cleaning

When you hire Eagle Service Company, you get the A Team. The one that’s equipped with these additional resources:

  • Video drain inspection cameras to determine the size, location, and extent of the problem
  • High-pressure water jetters to bust up even the toughest of clogs and clean your drain lines from end to end
  • Bio-Clean, an organic drain cleaning liquid that’s effective on stubborn clogs and yet won’t harm the inside of your pipes or the environment
  • RootX, another liquid organic product designed to prevent tree and shrub roots from infiltrating your drain lines, and killing those that already have without damaging the plants themselves

Both Bio-Clean and RootX can be used for drain-clog prevention.

For more information or to request service for a problem that just can’t wait, contact Eagle Service Company today.