Heating System Add Ons

Let’s Hear it for Your Added Comfort and Convenience!

Having a reliable and steady source of heat is definitely something to cheer about it Heating System Add-ons | Eagle Service Company

But if you really want to ring the bells and stomp your feet, then check out how you can enjoy even greater comfort and convenience.

Whole-home Zone Control | Programmable Wi-Fi Thermostat

Unless you use every room in your home all the time, then you are a candidate for adding one or more zones to your home comfort system.

That way you can stay nice and warm (or cool in the summer) in the rooms you’re occupying during certain parts of the day while conserving energy in all the empty spaces.  To add to your comfort and savings, each zone should have its own programmable thermostat, allowing you to pre-set temperatures by time of day and days of the week.  Some thermostats even allow remote control operation.

Whole-house Air Filter | Whole-house Humidifier

If your family is trading colds, flus, and allergy symptoms during the winter like a game of hot potato, chances are you have less than ideal indoor air.

In fact, tightly sealed homes, however energy efficient they might be, are breeding grounds for excessive amounts of dust, pet dander, mold, bacteria, smoking and cleaning by-products, and a host of other indoor air pollutants.  They linger, because they have nowhere else to go.

Well now, Eagle Service Company offers you the most effective pollutant “exit ramp” of all:  a whole-house air filtration system.  Installed inside your ductwork, the system’s filter traps more than 99% of all pollutants on contact while your system’s fan is blowing.

Another way to add much needed relief is with a whole-house humidifier.  With added moisture in the air during the winter, you can say good-bye to:

  • Extra dry skin
  • Static electricity
  • Shrinking and cracked wood
  • Cotton mouth

You’ll also see a reduction in colds and flus since many viruses thrive in low-humidity environments.

Ready for something to cheer about around your home?  Then contact Eagle Service Company today and let us show you just how comfortable you really can be.