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Most drain problems can be solved with a thorough unclogging and cleaning.  But not all.

Indoor drain lines, for example, can gradually corrode and crack from a build-up, over time, of calcium and mineral deposits. Chemical drain cleaners will eventually take their toll, too.

As for outdoor, underground sewer lines, there are four main causes of cracks, breaks, or separation:

Old Sewer Lines

Depending on the material used in your older drain lines, weak spots caused by rust can eventually cause the line to crack.

Root Intrusion

Tree and shrub roots thrive on the material flowing through your main sewer line. They actually seek it out. Over time, they can find a way inside through even the tiniest of cracks. Once inside, it’s just a matter of time before no liquid can get past them and the pipe break gets even bigger.

Pipe Calcification 

As time passes, sewer pipes become encrusted with a calcium coat inside the pipe which reduces the flow of the waste water and increases the risk of clogging in all household sewer pipes and drain lines.

Ground Movement

As dirt settles and ground movement occurs, shifts, underground pipes can come apart at the joints.

Drain Line Repair | Drain Line Replacement

It can be difficult if not impossible for you to determine if you have an underground sewer line problem. But you will know you have a problem if you notice any of the following:

  • Higher water bill
  • Sewer odors permeating your house
  • Certain sections of your lawn or damper or lusher than others
  • Multiple indoor drains backing up at the same time.

That’s when it’s time to contact Eagle Service Company.  We’ll diagnose the problem and determine the best course of action:  repair or replace. No matter how simple or complex of a job it might be, we’re ready to help get your drains back in proper working order.

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